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For gardens, lawns, landscaping, balconies, terraces … an alternative to natural grass. Lano has developed a range of products to meet the requirements of today’s consumer. Time has become an important commodity and spending time on gardening is sometimes difficult. Artificial landscape surfaces provide an always green, just cut appearance that is a boon to any landscape environment. The benefits are: virtually maintenance free, lush, natural looking, time saving, all year round use, and no requirement to water or mow.

Peygran represents a group of family companies located in the industrial area of Ibi that develop and produce solutions and technical components for different industrial sectors.We have more than 30 years experience, firstly focussed as auxiliaries working in the metal and plastic sectors. Currently, we are working with our own range of products offering unique products for professionals. We work with high quality materials and best design in order to provide our customers with effective solutions.At present, we have more than 6,000 m² of useful area in our facilities, distributed between production areas, offices and logistics areas.Currently, we are offering 3 services under our own brand: Development and production of technical solutions and special components. Development of new products for our own brand and for third parties. Information on technical requirements and technical support as well as training courses on our products for architects, engineers and professionals in general.

Our company’s strength is based on our use of avant-garde technology and aiming at satisfying our customers’ needs.Since 1971, Castelvetro has been producing CERAMIC TILES where the focus has always been on aesthetics and DESIGN; in addition, ongoing research into improving the QUALITY of our products has always been our target. This is ceramic tiles Castelvetro.

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